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Nick - Baltimore/College Park

sucks~ burritos ~ black coffee ~ real screamo ~I am a lonely self loathing skramz kid with more first pressings than you~~ yes i do own a saetia v-neck ~ i am trash ~ dont talk to me ~~~~

Do I go see Porches/Frankie Cosmos or Clipping (at a shitty venue)????

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i really fucking hate living on a floor with all these boys

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punch at golden tea house

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punch at golden tea house

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"This one’s called ‘Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down.’"

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Northern Wind - City & Colour

”You’re the lullaby 
That’s singing me to sleep 
You are the other half 
You’re like the missing piece”

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Anonymous: "rule" hahaha ): I'm sorry you actually think bands like that and other bands such as backtrack, trapped under ice even TSSF are good haha god it's so ficking sad dude /: the only hardcore band I'll ever have respect for is judge...p.s it's ok that you've never heard of them. It's before this bullshit you listen to came out. oh and I listened to a song from citizen LMAO i couldn't tell if I was listening to basement or another title fight song haha sad. Oh And I'm happily married btw (:


A 22 year old boy sits at his computer. He resists the urge to scratch his newest tattoo - traditional roses surrounding a traditional junglecat with a traditional dagger through its head and written below it “trust no one”. His nike air max lay discarded by his bed, in a pile of camo shorts and band shirts, all obtained from merchswap, coreshirts4sale and trading groups because only the best and most obscure of the scene shirts can make it into his domain. After making sure his spotify is private and he has deleted all traces of any music he listened to pre 2010, He goes onto tumblr, his only safe space from the true evils of the world - posers, authority (having never actually experienced police brutality or caring about it, only hating it because ACAB is catchy and his ACAB patch looks great on his snapback) and… show whores. Women, right?! Where do they come in, judging other people, and pretending to enjoy something genuinely?! They’re just in it for fashion and notoriety! As these thoughts go through his head, ebay emails him, alerting him that he just scored his newest gem - a limited edition judge shirt, that looks like any other judge shirt, but get this - it’s orange, and they only made like, 100. All for the low price of 120 dollars. “perfect,” he whispers as he signs on to tumblr to talk about his latest conquest, “nobody else at shows is going to have this shirt- WOH?!?!?!” to his shock and horror, there is a GIRL on his dash, IN A BATH TUB with LEG TATTOOS. Filled with righteous fury, he goes to her blog and spends the next not valuable three hours of his life scrolling through, his anger gradually increasing. She thinks she listens to hardcore!?! She’s making it look bad!!!! Women can’t genuinely like things!!!! The image of the core will be in shambles!!!! He starts angrily typing a message to her, determined to at least be relevant and noticed on a social platform, since his entire life his great (see: poor) personality has been overlooked by everyone. “Not today,” he says, fingers typing rapidly, “the girls I never got to fuck won’t win today.” Reading over his message, he nods in approval and clicks send. Between refreshing her page over and over to see if he has been noticed, he cycles through porn blogs. His limp, skinny dick hangs out of his cargo camo pants, ready for the jerking when all of a sudden his mom calls him. “Sweetie, I got taco bell!” He stands up after putting his dick away (not a hard task, considering it always was smaller than the average penis) and looks back at his computer. “To be continued, slut…” He whispers, before going upstairs to feast.

A middle aged man startles himself awake. He is on top of his wife, who has a disappointed look on her face. “You stuck it in, came after a minute and then passed out… Are you okay?” A single tear rolls down his cheek. “Yes… I was just thinking about the better days.” He rolls off of her and checks tumblr, while she uses her secret phone to check Plenty of Fish in order to cope with the sad routine her life has become, having married a grade-a asshat. 

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Iris swims quietly beside me
Oh the leaves and larger weeds sway and stretch themselves
Blue dragonflies dart to and fro
I tie my life to your balloon and let it go

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If i could, i would drop kick the shit out of League of Legends.

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I just bought the latest S lp out of feeling like shit.

seems reasonable. 

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